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Woocommerce Image Fix

How the Ugliest Infographic Ever Keeps Me in Cappuccinos

Yes, I’m double-dipping – writing a post about a post… but I’m making an important point, important to some anyway. Ugly, Helpful Before a particular, admittedly ugly, how-to image I created first went up on the web, it was strictly for my own education. Fast screen shots and red reminders plastered […]

Helpful Tech Support Freebie Online is an uber-easy tech support tool. This dandy little item was featured as one of Brad’s “bar-tricks” on the Dradcast. Very helpful for when your client sees something screwy/unusual on their website that you don’t. You need to know through which browser they are viewing it and which versions […] screenshot

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How to Fix Blurry Images in WooCommerce 97

Photo Re-Sizing for Your Ecommerce Shop After HOURS of pouring through documentation from WordPress, WooCommerce, forums, YouTube and Google buds, I finally understood how to fix blurry images in WooCommerce on a client site. I figured it was resolution, but adding hi-res images didn’t fix anything. Once I understood what […]

WordPress Blog Post Publish Options: Draft, Private, Password-Protected 4

Blog Post Statuses and Visibility Yesterday a few new WordPress users (beginners class) asked me about the “Status” and “Visibility” options when writing a post. Good question! This important aspect of publishing your posts in WordPress sometimes goes overlooked. I suspect most of us write out our thoughts and then […]

a gadget prayer for all manner of screens and devices

Gadget Prayer

A Geek’s Poem for Her Many Devices A contemplative mood about gadgets and gizmos ended up allowing the silliness to creep in, as usual. I try to turn off the EMFs at night, but something is always stirring. Enjoy!   Gadget Prayer by Valerie Hudgins   Now I lay me […]