Gadget Prayer

a gadget prayer for all manner of screens and devicesA Geek’s Poem for Her Many Devices

A contemplative mood about gadgets and gizmos ended up allowing the silliness to creep in, as usual. I try to turn off the EMFs at night, but something is always stirring. Enjoy!


Gadget Prayer

by Valerie Hudgins


Now I lay me down to sleep, my phone, for now, retired.

My GPS waits silently; no “satellites acquired.”


A laptop blinks goodnight and fades and, although mute, still mired

in web connections ‘cross the world; synapses left unfired.


Bless all the gadgets, big and small, that keep me sane and hired.

The apps I use, the ones I don’t and all those still desired.


While I sleep may virus scans on all things plugged and wired

Detect and clean all nasty bugs and heal them as required.


And one more thing, Lord, I would ask before I get too tired.

Direct, recharge and heal me, too, lest my time be expired.


/* 😉 */