Coffee, Tea, and Websites

UPDATE: May 2019 – This was a project Nicole Flores of Nicky Pink & Co and myself did for a few episodes. We love interviewing great people in the website world and learning new tools.
Now that I’ve moved on from that part of the website world, this site is not available for much longer. Nicky and I still get together over French pastries and discuss life, but we won’t be adding to Coffee, Tea, and Websites. There is still a lot of good info there, though.
I’m sure another podcast will be in my life soon. Stay tuned!
Val and Nicole having been getting together weekly, usually over burgers and fries, for years. They discuss all things WordPress, website-y, plugin-related, and tech-like. One day, they figured, why not share the fun!? Coffee, Tea, and Websites was born and features guests from the website world and beyond that help individual DIY’ers and web agencies determine which rabbit holes to go down. Oh, and the coffee vs. tea battle rages on.