Helpful Tech Support Freebie Online is an uber-easy tech support tool. screenshot

This dandy little item was featured as one of Brad’s “bar-tricks” on the Dradcast. Very helpful for when your client sees something screwy/unusual on their website that you don’t. You need to know through which browser they are viewing it and which versions of software they have running. If you’ve ever had to take the time to help a client find their version of js or flash, you know this is a pain.

Send your client, instead, to and have them fill in the email addresses. Click Send Details and you get your answers INSTANTLY! Well, at the speed of email anyway. This one page site sends all the fun deets about the computer/device that is viewing the site.

This screenshot was taking on my new Chromebook when I went to the site. Just a one pager. Doesn’t need to more. Try it! You’ll like it! Hey, Mikey!

Dradcast headerAnd if you are a WordPresser, be sure to catch Dre and Brad on the weekly podcast! Thanks, Guys!